About Us

About Retro Toasters & Your Retro Life


Hey my Retro Ladies! We hope you are ready to come make a “toast” with us and bring your retro lifestyle to it’s next level!!

Whew, just had to get that out really quick. Our love for the retro gets us all excited at times… Anyways, my girlfriend Emma and I (will get a picture of us both on here soon) wanted to team up too make a site that’s all about our retro side of life. She and I both got our retro lifestyle habits from our mothers, they both have always been what some would call a “crazy ladies” but hey, they are the best mom’s we could ever ask for (I think her’s is a little crazier but don’t tell her I told you take 😋).

Since the retro lifestyle is such a big part of our lives, we thought: why not share our awesome experiences with the toasters and other kitchen appliances we have used? So, Retro Toasters & Your Retro Life came to be and we have loved it ever since!

If you would like to contact us with any questions, say hi or to even let me know what we can do better on the site, then feel free to do so below… Lastly, come make a “toast” with us!