Best 2 Slice Retro Toaster to Buy

Best 2 Slice Retro Toaster to Buy: Why Get a 2 Slice Over a 4 Slice?

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Has anything better held together the other elements of breakfast?

Think about it.

An egg alone would never fill you up. But plop it on a piece of hot buttered toast and you’ve got a meal.

Bacon alone would just be decadent. But once you throw some toast in the mix you’ve almost got a well-rounded breakfast (just slather some jelly on there—that counts as a fruit, right?”).

So, we’re agreed on one thing: the toast makes the breakfast.

But there’s something we might not agree on: 2 or 4?

You know what I’m talking about. That’s right. Toasters.

Which is better? A 2 slice toaster or a 4 slice toaster. Well, today, I’m going to show you when you want to get a 2 slice toaster over a 4 slicer.


How Many People Are You Feeding?

So the obvious answer to the toaster size lies in the number of people you are feeding (and how much toast they eat). If you live all alone (and no, your cat doesn’t count—unless she eats toast), you probably only need a 2 slice toaster. Unless you’re inhaling toast at an unhealthy rate, aim small. Even in a family of four, you can easily get by with a two slicer. Toast doesn’t take that long to make, so waiting one or two extra cycles before everyone is served really isn’t a big deal.


How Much Counter Space Do You Have?

After function, fitting your 2 slice retro toaster is the next important consideration. Most people are going to benefit from the decreased size of the two slicer. It’s a postage stamp compared to 4 slicers, so you’ll always have room on the counter for more prep work. Unless you really need to toast a lot of bread at once, the space saved on a two slice toaster easily outweighs the benefits of a four slice toaster.


Find the Best 2 Slice Retro Toaster to Buy

Do you think that a 2 slice retro toaster is meant for you? Are you looking for more counter space and don’t plan on feeding too many people at once? If so, then a 2 slice retro toaster is probably the best option for you.


If you’d like to browse the latest models, take a look at our reviews here to discover the best 2 slice retro toaster to buy for your needs and budget. Before checking out all our reviews, you can check out our favorite 2 slice retro toaster right below.


What Emma and I thought about the Vremi 2 Slice Retro Toaster (Our favorite 2 Slice)

Alright, so rather than the modernized retro design, removable crumb tray, wide mouth toast slots and self-centering anti-jam technology… This toasters color is a little bit more on the whiter side than red, but you may have noticed that, so I wanted to give you all the features that makes this thing amazing right at first lol 😋

Anyways, this 2 slice retro toaster is one of Emma’s and I’s favorite. Honestly the feature that sets it apart from most is that it automatically centers your toast or bagels every time. Now, I’m not sure if you have ever had to deal with a toaster that did not do this but all I can say is that it is NOT fun.

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