Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is the Retro Toasters & Your Retro Life site all about?

Since the retro lifestyle is such a big part of my girlfriend and I, why not share our awesome experiences with the toasters and other kitchen appliances we have used? Come learn more about us here (Opens a new tab).


2) Have you’ll used the toasters and any other products that you are reviewing on your homepage?

Yes, I or my girlfriend have personally used each one and currently we are using a cream colored Smeg 2 Slice Toaster. If you need to get back to the reviews then click here to go back to our home page and scroll down.


3) Can I Read Your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

Yah not a worry, feel free to read our Privacy Policy here (Opens a new tab) and our Terms of Service here (Opens a new tab). Also, find our Disclaimer here (Opens a new tab) if you would like to read that as well.


4) Can I Contact Retro Toasters & Your Retro Life if I Have Questions?

Yes most definitely, feel free to click here to contact us (Opens a new tab) with any questions you have 🙂